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       Next to the Rotary Cutter, it's the Quilter's best friend!   


You have all the tools - what you really need are the skills to use them.  Increase your knowledge and produce better quality quilts!  Fabric is so expensive, so get the most out of your investment and take your quilting to a whole new level. The QuiltMate Pro will help you achieve the best you can be. It will put the classroom where it needs to be... right beside your sewing machine! No matter how many years you have been quilting, there is still something new to learn. Happy Quilting!


What is the QuiltMate Pro?

QuiltMate Pro is an iPad stand that enables you to use your iPad to its fullest potential by securing it in virtually any position to be used as a monitor, wireless camera, video recorder, webcam and more.

The QuiltMate Pro is compatible with iPad, Kindle and other 5 to 10 inch Tablets.

 Safe and Secure

The QuiltMate Pro stand has a secure cradle and flexible arm, which allows you to use your iPad hands-free, without interfering with your sewing work space.

 Versatility  in the Sewing Room

With the QuiltMate Pro, use your iPad to

  • Watch Tutorials
  • Participate in Online Quilt Classes
  • Join Quilt Alongs
  • FaceTime with Friends
  • Record Videos
  • Take Pictures for your Blog, Friends, or YouTube.

Purchase the QuiltMate Pro and open up a whole new world of learning!  






Donna M.

I love my QuiltMate Pro.  Thank you.


Thank you for the fast shipment of my QMP.  It easily attached to my table and I have enjoyed using it.

From Shannon 

Thank you for your quick shipment!  I think the best part of it is that it doesn't interfere with my sewing space and I can position it at eye level.  I've just signed on for a quilt along that begins in November.  

From Donna D. From Texas

Glad to see quilting keeping up with technology, most of my friends have tablets or iPads.  I'm totally happy with the QuiltMate Pro.  

From BeWin

Hello, I've decided that I want to do a product review.  I've never done one before.  It's just that I came across a lovely little tool that has been a big help to me as I quilt and sew.  It will clamp to a table or desk and you can twist it any way you want for viewing.  Leaves your hands free.  If I don't need to watch a tutorial, I listen to music, stop and check my email on the spot, search out something, or take a video/photo of what I'm working on.  I LOVE IT!!  It holds my tablet securely and I don't have to worry about it falling out.  I use it pretty much every time I sit down at the machine and I can attest to the fact that it is this "quilter's best friend".  So I give it Five out of Five stars.  To see a picture of it in my sewing room, please feel free to visit my blog.  http://theseamrippers.blogspot.com/2013/09/product-review-quilt-mate-pro.html?m=1


From Quilt Maniac

After reading some raves on this product in a forum, I purchased a QuiltMate Pro.  A few months ago my tablet fell off my sewing table on my stained concrete floor and cracked the screen so I hurriedly got online and ordered one!  Hubby bought me a new tablet and now I have it secured with no worries!  Fast shipping and I appreciated that! 


From Cheryl in Arkansas

I love the QuiltMate Pro iPad holder.  I bought another one to give to my daughter, who also quilts.   It  makes watching tutorials while you sew very convenient.  The holder keeps the iPad out of the way, yet easily viewable!  I also love it for watching movies hands free.  I also found another use for it and that is to clip printed sewing directions to the QuiltMate Pro for easy reading while sewing.   Thank you!


From Linda T.

I just got my QuiltMate Pro a few days ago.  I love it!!!  I can't believe how handy it is.  It is so helpful for watching tutorials as I sew.  I am so thankful I lucked up on this website!


From JJ

I was totally thrilled when it arrived.  It is a very sturdy stand for my iPad and was simple to attach to my sewing table.  Great for tutorials!  


From SewHappy

I'm very happy with the stand.  With the gooseneck, I positioned  the camera to show up close how I sew my blocks, while FaceTiming my friend in another state. 





Next to the Rotary Cutter, it's the Quilter's best friend!

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